Adrianne Offermann

Public Relations/Research Specialist


Born and raised in the city of Las Vegas, I love all things hot and sunny.

Spending my entire career in agency-life I have found myself fortunate enough to work on some of the city’s most well-known brands. From all night satellite media tours to 12-hour grand opening parties and almost everything in between, I count myself more than fortunate to have worked with the clients and media I have in this amazing city.


Total years of experience: 10

What I like most about PR: The hard work and creativity it takes to rise to the challenge of placing a story.

Career Highlights:

  • With more events taking place than can be remembered in Las Vegas, I have had the pleasure to work my fair share of red carpets. The most exciting event by far had to be the reunion of the living members of The Beatles and the spouses of those that have passed, on the red carpet. It was A Hard Days Night!
  • There is nothing like the experience of live theater and over the years I have had the pleasure of attending and working on almost every major Broadway production to come to Las Vegas, but to me the highlight of them all was MAMMA MIA! In a time where Broadway in Las Vegas was questioned, MAMMA MIA! was still the Dancing Queen. When the moon set for the last time, I was proud to celebrate the success and accomplishments of not only one of my favorite clients, but one of my favorite shows alongside an amazing team of cast, crew and creators!

Personal Credo: Stop at nothing short of your best, that is what truly determines your success or failure.