Marina Nicola

Owner + Partner


I’m a Las Vegas native and have an old soul. Not many people, no matter the age, can talk circles around me when it comes to my hometown, though they've tried.

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Erika Pope

Owner + Partner


Growing up as a military brat, travel was a way of life for me and my family. By the time I graduated from college, I’d moved from state to state eight times and visited umpteen countries.

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Adrianne Offermann

Public Relations/Research Specialist


Born and raised in the city of Las Vegas, I love all things hot and sunny.

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Alyssa Egeskov

Account Coordinator


I am an artist, writer and student inspired by the eccentric culture of my hometown, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Desiree Webb

Community Engagement Manager


I am a small town California girl, living in the 24/7 city of Las Vegas.

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